The top 5 questions to ask before purchasing a digital label finisher

Top 5 Questions - Digital Label Finishing SystemsImportant pre-purchase considerations for digital label finishers

The investment of multiple tens of thousands of dollars in a digital label finisher is no small thing for most companies, which is why it’s important to do your due diligence. Before you pull the trigger on the purchase of one of these machines, here are five great questions to ask.

  1. Can it run inline?
    1. If you have currently have the need to run a printer directly inline with your finisher, or may have a future need to do so, this is an important consideration.
  2. Does it support TRUE variable data?
    1. The need to produce multiple unique labels is important for many industries and applications. Can your printing solution support this?
  3. Can you run variable widths of material to cut down on waste?
    1. Some printer/finisher solutions accept only full 8.5” web widths, which creates considerable waste for many users’ situations. This drawback—especially when combined with registration areas and non-printable margins—results in hefty per-label cost increases.
  4. Does the system support common file types, such as PDF?
    1. Most label designs are delivered in the industry standard file type for print, the PDF. Incompatibility with common formats can create unnecessary workflow complexity and other issues down the line.
  5. How much technical expertise is required to operate the machine?
    1. The need to hire or devote skilled staff to run your a finisher may be the biggest financial consideration surrounding your company’s purchase. Make sure you understand the expense (both in time and money) involved in training and operation.

What’s next?

To discuss the specifics of your situation, including how we stand up to specific competitors’ specs and features, contact us today. We’ll also send you a free finished sample of your label, along with a per-label cost estimate.

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