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Custom-labeled products

Connect your brand to customers through personalized product packaging.

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On-the-spot custom packaging takes a standard retail product and—with the help of a desktop label printer—relabels it in a way that gives it a personal touch. Typically, this is done by adding or replacing a prominent graphic element with a person’s name or an image. Design and color schemes can also be altered by customers as labels are created.

Quick, customizable, and easy personalized labels using Afinia Label digital color printers

This type of on-demand custom packaging has presented itself as an opportunity for retail brands to maximize product interest and optimize the in-store buying experience.

Bottom-line benefits

Does customized packaging make a product feel more valuable?
Does customized packaging make a product feel more valuable?
(source: Shorr Packaging)
  • Longer retention of product with lasting branding effects
  • Increase perceived value—over half of consumers see custom-packaged products as more valuable
  • Enhance customer experiences—brand, product, and shopping
  • Increase foot traffic in physical retail situations
  • Combat online shopping by offering extra value in store

Real-world cases

Real companies like yours are using Afinia Label printers and building personalization campaigns to grow sales and entice store traffic, increase revenues, and build their brands. 

View Personalization Case Studies

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