Retail Label Personalization Examples

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Brands across the globe are using in-store label customization to connect with customers

On-the-spot label printing has become an undeniably successful retail tactic. Companies are unleashing this power to connect with customers on a personal level with a great degree of success.

Here are some notable examples of label personalization in the real world.

Afinia Label retail label personalization

Retail Personalization Cases

Customized Nutella at Kmart storesNutella/Vegemite at Kmart stores


Kmart Stores in Australia acquired 215 L301 printers for in-store customization of some very popular food brands, Nutella and Vegemite. Jars were picked from an end-of-aisle display and presented to a store employee at a nearby service desk, where the custom labels were digitally printed and hand applied.

Customized Nutella at Kmart stores

During the campaign, jars were sold across 200 stores at increased prices.

Learn more about this campaign here.

Cadbury Chocolate at Kmart Stores


Kmart stores in Australia used the L301 once again in 2019 for in-store label customization, but this time with Cadbury Chocolate. Customers were given the exclusive opportunity to personalize a product at Kmart. Labels were digitally printed and customers were able to walk away with a personalized gift box just in time for the holiday season. Over the course of the two campaigns we have collaborated on with Kmart, 400,000 units have been sold.

Nestlé Quality Street Chocolates

Magical Lantern Festival — Leeds, UK

Customers at the Magical Lantern Festival were given the opportunity to purchase and customize boxes of Quality Street chocolates from Nestlé. Memjet-powered L801s were deployed for full-width, full-color printing of the label with customer names inserted.

B.A.O. Candy Stores

Paris, France

B.A.O. in Paris, France teamed up with our partners, Incom France and use up to nine L301 printers for in-store customization of their own candy jars. The concept is unique as the whole store is dedicated to customization.

Plans are in place to increase the number of stores at various locations around the city.

Visit BAO’s Instagram page to see how customers are sharing their experiences from all over the world.

Fire Hose Hot Sauce

Presented at Adobe Max, Labelexpo, and more

Afinia Label presented hot sauce bottles for personalization at a number of print and creative industry trade shows. Customers input their name via a touchscreen kiosk or tablet and within two minutes, received a bottle of sauce with a personal touch.

The promotion was so popular that the product had to be rationed in order to last the length of the events.

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