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Print shops can create an additional revenue stream with digital label printing and finishing

When a customer comes to you with a custom label request, you have options:

  1. Outsource the order to another print shop – If you’re not going to refuse the customer, one solution is to fill the order via another print shop. But this comes with shipping delays, limited proofing ability, and a complete lack of quality control. On top of that, the margins are thin.
  2. Produce the labels yourself – The more profitable choice is to produce the labels in house. For a relatively low investment, you can print and finish custom roll labels and stickers yourself and create an additional revenue stream for years to come.

Print service providers are using digital label printing and finishing to make 35-45% or more in profit on label orders. Return on investment is fast and the benefits are many.

Digital printing and finishing

Afinia Label Print & Cut Combo Package

The printing and finishing combo of one of our Memjet-based label printers and a DLF-220S offers supreme flexibility and affordability for print shops to produce custom labels of any size and shape.

Printing is done digitally from almost any software quality and highly accurate shape cutting is handled via a simple PDF file. No physical dies or changing of tooling is required to cut custom shapes, including kiss cuts, complex cuts, and perforations.

Training and operation are easy. As a special offer and to ensure the best experience, remote training and startup materials are included with every order.

Add short-run label service to your current offering.

Digital label finishing from Afinia LabelFor under $30k, you’ll be able to provide your customers with professional-quality custom labels and stickers quickly and efficiently. Others in the print service industry have created an additional revenue stream by printing and finishing short-run labels in house.

Learn how you can make more money selling labels with your own label printer machine.


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