SR-100 Slitter & Rewinder

Pharmaceutical labels color label printers from Afinia Label
$2,495.00 1,600 EUR
8 in (203 mm)
8.5 in (216 mm)
Any Printer
The gist: Slits and rewinds pre-printed label rolls to separate, narrow cores. Best for maximizing efficiency and printhead life while reducing material costs and print times.

Make small labels easy

Slit full-width labels to multiple thin rolls

The Afinia Label SR-100 allows users to print multiple designs on a page width and then slit them to  wide as 8.86″ (225 mm) to multiple rolls as narrow as 0.86″ (21.9 mm).

The slitter-rewinder is ideal for applications requiring small labels, such as lip balm, health and beauty products, and vape labels.

Maximize output

The SR-100 can slit labels at up to 42.7 ft/min (13 m/min), and works with rolls up to 9.84” in diameter, with a 3” fixed internal diameter. The SR-100 longitudinally slits full-width, pre-cut label stock, enabling you to use your label printer’s full width and maximize its output.

  • Slit label backing as thin as 0.86″
  • 4 slitting blades included
  • Ideal for small label sizes
  • Adjustable speed control


Maximum slitting speed:
42.7 feet/min (13m/min)
Minimum label slitting width:0.86" (22mm)
Core diameter:3" (76mm)
Maximum input/output roll diameter:9.84" (250mm)
Maximum material width:8.66" (220mm)
Overall dimensions:16.73" (425mm) W x 28.34" (720mm) D x 14.56" (370mm) H
Weight:55 lbs. (25kg)
Rated voltage:100V – 240VAC, DC Output 24V at 2.5A
Afinia part number: SR-100: 25526
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