The best performing digital label finisher under $40K, at only $24K

Afinia Label’s DLF-220L is not only more reliable and easier to operate, it’s way more affordable.

Before your company invests in another label finishing solution, you’d be wise to consider the benefits of the DLF-220L from Afinia Label.

Design and Ease of Use

Due to its efficient and minimalistic design, the DLF-220L offers more room for its operator to perform necessary tasks, such as loading, threading, and removing finished labels. This open design lends itself to easier operation and a better user experience.

Better Registration

The DLF’s camera-based registration detection system is cheaper, yet faster and more dependable than the laser-based technology found in competitive models. The camera recognizes and efficiently adapts the finisher to variations in registration mark position. While other more mechanical, laser-based sensors perform physical sweeps seeking registration marks, taking more time and introducing more complexity to the registration process than is necessary.

Less Waste

Reduce Label Waste - Afinia LabelThe DLF-220L can cut from the first design fed through its cutter. This means that—as opposed to other finishers that waste multiple feet of labels both at the beginning and end of each job—waste is drastically minimized. In addition, it can accept different web widths and requires less registration space and non-printable margins than some competitive models, which rigidly require 8.5” widths and must devote considerably more space to margins and registration marks.


As the title of this post suggests, the DLF-220L is considerably cheaper than its counterparts in the industry. At up to $15,000 less than the competition, and with a track record proving smarter design and dependable, rock-solid performance, the DLF-220L is a tough option to pass up.

What’s next?

To discuss the specifics of your situation, including how we stand up to specific competitors’ specs and features, contact us today. We’ll also send you a free finished sample of your label, along with a per-label cost estimate.

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*For a limited time, we are offering FREE on-site installation and training for DLF-220L customers (up to $3,000 value) through our regional dealer network.

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