The Evolution of our Digital Label Finishers

Expanding and Improving


We introduced our first digital label finisher back in late 2014. The DLF-1000 was the beginning of our extensive product range expansion. Two years later, we announced our second-generation Digital Label Finisher, the DLF-220L. The new model delivers the same on-demand production style as the DLF-1000, but with many other advancements.

45% Faster

Production speed for these plotter-style finishers depends heavily on the complexity of the shapes being cut. In our testing, we found the DLF-220L to be 45% faster than the previous model.

A Simple and Functional Design

The modular DLF-220L design helps the user gain an instant understanding of its different components. Since the system is mounted on wheels, setup is easy and no heavy lifting or leveling required.


Once wheeled out from its transport crate, the DLF-220L is connected to power and to a PC via USB cable. The included iMark software reads EPS or AI files directly—without the need for complicated plug-ins and other virtual software. This direct control means that on-the-fly adjustment of the cutting position and knife pressure can be made at any time while a job is running.

Reliability Improvements

Rather than using an OPOS sensor (as seen in the DLF-1000), the DLF-220L now uses an optical sensor—which is set farther back from the cutting area—making it less susceptible to dust and debris from the media. Media handling has also been greatly improved, thanks to the addition of extra guides and tensioners, which result in more precise cutting on every label and perfectly-wound rolls at the end. The improved media handling has even allowed us to cut labels up to 381mm in length, which is 20% longer than the DLF-1000.

The use of clutched motorized core holders, rather than the fiber brake pads, means servicing and mid-job adjustments are no longer a concern. Running long jobs without the need for human intervention is now a reality.

In-Line Printing and Finishing

Printing and cutting no longer needs to be a two-step process. The Afinia L801 can now run in-line with the DLF-220L to print and finish labels in one easy process.


After successfully delivering our second-generation knife-based digital label finisher, we now look forward to the introduction of our first laser digital label finisher, which we will be exhibiting at LabelExpo Europe later this year.

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