The Benefits of In-house Digital Label Finishing

We began our journey in the digital label market four years ago with only one product: the L801 Color Label Printer. Since then, our product range has grown rapidly, as more and more users realize they can take control of their label production. Now, we are proud to be playing a key part in the continuing growth for digital label printing solutions.

In recent years, there’s been a ‘boom’ in the amount of desktop digital label printers that have come to market, with plenty of choices ranging from 4 inches to 13 inches (102mm to 330mm). The boom is for good reason, of course. Owning a digital label printer gives you the flexibility to change a label’s design and quantity to be printed with a few clicks, producing labels on demand and relying less on external suppliers. Those who make the leap of faith never look back to the dark days of outsourcing their labels ever again.

But what if I told you it gets better? That your labels can be bigger, better, faster, stronger, and lower in cost? (They can!) Or that you can take 100% control of your label production simply by choosing a digital label finisher? (You can!)

We’ve recently launched our 2nd generation of the finisher, the DLF-Series, so let’s break down the benefits of owning a digital label finishing solution…


When using a finisher, you are no longer restricted to your printer’s minimum and maximum pre-cut label sizes. The DLF allows you to start as low as 10mm all the way up to 15 inches (381mm) in length. There’s plenty of width too, with 8 inches (200mm) on the DLF-220 and DLF-220L or 13 inches (330mm) on the DLF-350L Digital Label Finisher.


Your labels represent your brand, so we want them to look as professional as possible. Custom shapes and other eye-catching features can be easily cut into your label design with a DLF-Series solution. Also, if your labels are printed edge-to-edge, you can be confident that your labels will always be cut accurately with a full bleed… so say goodbye to that white border!


Nobody likes waiting, especially when it’s out of your control. Normally, if you add a new product to your range or your existing label size changes, you’ll need to buy some new pre-cut blank labels from your supplier. This usually takes 1-2 weeks with delivery. Owning a digital label finisher eliminates this whole scenario. No waiting, no external suppliers, and no couriers. True on-demand production.


Laminating is the first step of the DLF-220L and DLF-350L’s finishing process. By adding a laminate to your labels, you can be confident that they will be tough enough to survive the harshest of environments, even those with water, scratch, and UV exposure. Whether it’s dye ink, pigment ink, or toner that’s used to print, adding a laminate will give you protection for that extra peace of mind.


Time is money, but with a DLF solution, you will also be making a practical reduction in your costs by eliminating the need to buy pre-cut labels. Your external supplier charges you for both the time and tooling, but with a DLF you no longer need this service. You just need to buy a continuous roll of media (which is cheaper) and then cut your own labels on demand.

Many of us are already comfortable owning and operating our digital label printers and have been doing so for some time. Once you start taking control of your own production, you realize the benefits of doing so are unquestionable. Until now, only the more daring among us have made the leap to finishing their own labels, and much like the early adopters of digital label printers, these daring few have not looked back since. And, as a result, have seen their brands grow and the costs plummet.

Now, as in-house label printing is the norm, label finishing technology matures, and we release our 2nd generation DLF product, the timing has never been better to own a digital label finisher.

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