Taking the Afinia Label L801 to the Next Level with Wasatch SoftRIP

Out of the box, the L801 is a fast (60’/minute) and low cost per label printer (up to 1/8 the cost of comparable printers).  The L801’s comes with printer drivers that work with a wide range of substrates and produce great results. When even more control is needed to print accurate, consistent color across varying materials, or specific spot colors need to be fine-tuned, Wasatch SoftRIP is an excellent solution. 

About Wasatch SoftRIP

Wasatch SoftRIP is a Raster Image Processor that readies images for printing and includes tools for the fine-tuning of colors and label printing workflows.

Here are some of the more important features and their benefits:

  • Afinia can provide ready-made profiles for many popular label material
    • Quick setup and consistent color across different substrates
  • Use BarTender/Nice Label or Adobe/CorelDRAW files in the workflow
    • Leverage your existing label designs and staff software knowledge
  • Press profiles for printing Flexo, Offset or Silkscreened proofs
    • Quick proofs and short label runs that look just like the “real thing”
  • Create seasonal profiles to match your ambient temperature and humidity
    • Get consistent results wherever you are, any time of year
  • Automatic CMYK replacement of PMS colors
    • Print a Color Atlas and have your client lock-in the color they want
  • More accurate flesh tones, accurate PMS colors and crisper Blacks
    • Better looking labels without adjusting the print file

Wasatch SoftRIP can pay for itself in many ways:

  • Print the right image the first time
    • Less waste and higher productivity.
  • Specific colors, smoother gradients and better blacks will allow you to print even more jobs in-house on the L801
    • Eliminates lead times and reduces outsourced label inventory
  • Fine-tuning of ink limits and dot gain
    • Save up to 33% on ink, via coverage optimization

Would you like to see how the L801 and Wasatch SoftRIP will improve your graphics?

Send us a file. We’ll run samples and show you how good your labels can look.

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