Rosati Ice – Frozen L801 Labels

On-Demand Color Labeling with Rosati Ice

Over 100 years of great leadership and continuous growth have made Rosati Ice a product that’s known coast to coast in the United States. Even with their delicious Italian ice, they couldn’t have achieved this kind of prosperity without excellent branding.

An outdated printing method

One of Rosati’s most popular products is their 2.5-gallon ice can branded by memorable 5-inch circular labels on the lid. These labels not only describe the name, flavor, and ingredients of the ice but crucially the expiration date.

Before purchasing an Afinia Label L801, Rosati had no choice but to bulk-buy labels from a flexographic printer, resulting in inevitable overproduction, overspending, and a total lack of flexibility when it came to launching new products.

But now in-house printing technology has caught up.

When Rosati contacted IPSI—experts in improving inefficient business processes—they immediately recognized this was hurting the business. Given the need for large-sized labels and rich, bold coloring, IPSI quickly recommended the Afinia L801 Color Label Printer.

Able to accept custom designs and offering 1600 dpi resolution with a print speed up to 6 inches per second, the L801 delighted the Rosati team. Watch this clip to see their thrilled reactions to the debut print run!

To read IPSI’s full account of the problems facing Rosati, and how our product helped reshape their operational efficiency, follow the link below.

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