Return on Investment: L801 Color Label Printer

Three ROI Scenarios for the L801

The Memjet-powered L801 Digital Color Label Printer features numerous benefits, including:

  • Speed
  • Output quality
  • Low total cost of ownership.

This adds up to an accelerated ROI. Here are three ROI scenarios that L801 customers have shared with us.

ROI Scenario 1: Buying labels from a third party

A coffee roaster buys eighteen different label designs, for $1.20/each, in quantities of 250. They order labels four times per year.

With the L801, they are able to print the same labels for a total cost of $0.12/each.

Savings: $1.08 per label x 250 labels x 18 label designs = $ 4,860 x 4 times per year = $19,440

Payback: Less than 6 months

ROI in first year: 116%

Note: ROI does not include the additional benefit of savings from elimination of virtually all label waste due to label changes.

ROI Scenario 2: Printing labels on an existing label printer

A specialty foods private labeler uses their existing inkjet printer to create labels for their customers. The ink cost per label is $0.179/each. They are producing 5,000 labels per month.

With the L801, they are able to print the same labels for an ink cost of $0.029/each.

Savings: $0.15 per label x 5,000 labels per month = $750 per month = $9,000 per year in ink savings

Payback: 12 months

ROI in year two: 100%

ROI Scenario 3: Printing short runs* on a Flexo/Litho/Offset press

*Short run = Less than 10,000 labels

Wide-format shops are regularly faced with the dilemma of producing short label runs for important clients. Using a Flexo/Litho/Offset for this purpose is a financial loss. Memjet has created an exhaustive cost comparison for this scenario. If a client orders a run of 10,000 labels, a Flexo press can run them at a total cost of $694.20. An L801 can run those same labels for a total cost of $489.30, without the cost of plates.

Savings: $204.90 for 10,000 labels x 4 runs per month = $819.60 x 12 months = $9,835.20

Payback: Less than 12 months

Note: ROI does not include the additional profit additional sub-10,000 runs. The L801 can be used with Wasatch SoftRIP color profiles to run proofs that look like they were made on other types of label printing equipment.

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