Introducing the X350: A New Era in Digital Roll to Roll Press

Afinia Label X350 Inkjet roll to roll high volume label pressThe journey of developing and refining the X350 Digital Roll to Roll Press has been a long one, filled with dedication and a drive to fill a critical gap in the label printing market. At Afinia Label, we’re proud to announce that the culmination of this journey, the X350, is now available to our customers worldwide. This announcement is not just about launching a new product; it’s about offering a solution that combines cost-effectiveness with high performance, something our industry has been eagerly anticipating.

Streamlined Efficiency Meets High-Quality Output

The X350 isn’t just another digital label printer. It represents a bridge—a way for businesses to access production-level printing capabilities without the daunting investment typically associated with high-end digital presses. With enhancements that push its maximum print speed from 27 m/min to an impressive 45 m/min (18 to 30 in/sec), the X350 is setting new standards for productivity.

But speed isn’t everything. We’ve also extended the printhead’s life and introduced ‘Economy’ ink-saving profiles, which promise up to 33% in ink cost reductions. These improvements mean not just faster but also more cost-efficient operations for businesses of all sizes.

Designed for the Real World

Our focus has been on real-world applications. From optimizing color print profiles for a variety of media to conducting durability testing that ensures prints withstand moisture, chemicals, and abrasion, the X350 is built to handle the demands of modern production environments.

Environmentally Conscious Printing

In today’s world, being environmentally responsible is not an option—it’s a necessity. The X350’s use of durable and eco-friendly pigment inks reflects our commitment to sustainability. We’re not just looking to innovate; we aim to do so in a way that’s mindful of our planet.

A Tool for Growth and Innovation

The launch of the X350 is more than just a milestone for Afinia Label; it’s an invitation to businesses to grow and innovate in their label printing processes. With its large 350mm roll width, user-friendly interface, and adaptability to various applications, the X350 is ready to be a key player in your operational workflow.

As we look forward, we’re excited about the possibilities the X350 opens up for our customers. Efficiency, quality, and environmental responsibility are at the heart of what the X350 offers. We believe that this press is not just our most advanced solution but also our most practical and responsible one yet.

Interested in exploring what the X350 can do for your business? Fill out the form below or contact us for more information or to discuss integration into your current operations. Let the X350 be the key to unlocking new levels of productivity and innovation in your printing processes.

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