L801 Ink Cost Calculator

Find out how much your labels will cost

When you consider all of the factors that make up the ownership cost of a label printer, ink cost in an important component. Some business owners, who opt for an inexpensive label printer, find out that, in time, the high ink cost of the “budget” printer makes it more expensive to own.

The ink cost calculator is easy to use. Just enter the dimensions of your label and its percentage of ink coverage into the spaces below. If you don’t know the ink coverage of your label, use the coverage function in your design software. If that’s not available to you, check with your graphic designer or estimate ink coverage using the thumbnails below.

For a free cost-per-label analysis of your label, including exact costs, request a printed sample.

Length in Inches
Width in Inches
Percent Coverage
Ink Cost Per Label*

Note: Estimates are based on 12 IPS print speeds (inches per second). At higher resolution (6 IPS), costs are approximately 15% higher. All values given are estimates and may not reflect exact costs. Learn your exact costs here.