FOG Ammunition - Case Study

Location: Walker MN

The Situation

FOG Firearms was investing thousands of dollars in custom packaging for each of their ammunition product variants. Caliber, number of rounds, brass type, grain, item number, lot number, and muzzle velocity were printed on the box. The wide variation of ammunition available from their suppliers made it impossible to predict how many boxes to print. This caused waste due to printing boxes to contain ammunition that , later, was only available in reduced quantities.

Solution Requirements

  • Print full-color, variable data labels
  • Label color profile must match packaging
  • Must be easy-to-use

The Afinia Label Solution

The Afinia Label L801 provided the flexibility, quality, and ease-of-use required for their dynamic and growing business. First, they designed a variable data label containing logos, images, text, and bar codes. Next they created a color profile to match the distressed texture and color of the multi-product boxes. Done, and done. Now FOG Firearms and quickly respond to requests from their growing retailer customer base.

Return on Investment

Product packaging inventory waste has been virtually eliminated due to the L801’s ability to print high-quality labels to match box color. The L801 will pay for itself in a few months.

Our suppliers’ inventory availability varies so much that we were left with large quantities of preprinted retail boxes when the specifications changed. We decided to invest in multi-purpose boxes and identifying the product by affixing variable data labels … The print quality of the L801 and color profiling software is so good that it’s hard to tell where the box ends and the label begins. We are saving thousands of dollars..”

Diana Pratt, Owner — FOG Aummunition



FOG Firearms had to purchase tens of thousands of product boxes with the hope that the ammunition specific to the box would be available for resale.
Larger quantities of multi-product boxes can be cost-effectively purchased and customized with a label that matches the box color.
A thermal printer was used to create black and white product labels that were did not support the high-quality FOG brand.
Full-color, high-quality variable data labels can be created on-demand, in any quantity, for any customer, which reinforces FOG’s brand image.
Purchased outsourced labels that didn’t meet their new branding standards.
They now print labels in-house that look “way beyond professional”.