BlueNose Coffee - Case Study

Location: Farmington, MN

The Situation

BlueNose Coffee was outsourcing some of their labels but also printing some labels in-house on a sheet-fed desktop printer. With many of their labels, they were filling in names of tea and coffee by hand. Filling in the product names by hand led to inconsistencies such as vague coffee/tea naming or illegible handwriting. They needed to find a solution that could combine all of their labeling needs. They also needed a product label printer that gave them the in-house flexibility they needed to grow their business and brand.

Solution Requirements

  • Bring label printing completely in-house
  • Create consistent product labels
  • Increase print quality

The Afinia Label Solution

The HP-powered Afinia Label L301 Color Label Printer provided BlueNose Coffee with everything that they needed to improve their labels and their overall workflow. It provided them with the ability to create professional, consistent labels across their product line. The L301 increased their ability to create labels for products varying in size, weight, and different types of coffee or tea.

BlueNose Coffee label printed with L301 from Afinia Label

Return on Investment

The HP-powered Afinia Label L301 Color Label Printer increased the quality of their in-house labels. Having consistent labels on-demand allowed them to increase their workflow as well as expanding their product possibilities. With the L301 on-site, they were able to design and print labels for their new pre-packaged sandwiches. The L301 Color Label Printer was able to easily print enough professional labels to match their daily production schedule. BlueNose Coffee was also able to save time and money by only printing what they needed when they needed it.

It really allows us to be creative with our labels. People appreciate it and they like having their name on their coffee. We can add things like “Roasted for Andy” and it shows our customers that we care about their experience with BlueNose coffee. It also helps in customizing items for a wedding or other special events.”

Tim Aylward, Owner – BlueNose Coffee