X350 FAQs

The X350 offers a practical solution for high-volume digital roll to roll printing needs. It combines speed, versatility, low ink costs, and a compact design to fit into any production environment efficiently. With a capability of up to 45 meters per minute and a media handling breadth of 350mm for both roll diameter and width, it’s equipped to manage various printing tasks with ease. The X350 is designed for straightforward integration into production lines, requiring less than 1 sqm of space.

Ideal for printing on a range of materials, including die-cut and continuous labels, as well as flexible packaging, the X350 aims to support a variety of product applications without compromising on print quality or operational efficiency.


The X350 prints on inkjet receptive materials, such as matte and glossy paper and BOPP. It cannot print on transparent or uncoated plastics.
Yes, the X350 can print on flexible packaging films, provided they are compatible with aqueous inkjet printing technology.

Color and Print Quality

The X350 does not support printing white ink. It is designed to print using the standard CMYK color model only.

The X350 offers 1600×1600 dpi print quality. It is best assessed by samples, but prints are sharp and vibrant.

2x nozzle redundancy reduces the frequency and visibility of lines. There are 2 sets of nozzles for each color channel, which helps reduce lines and achieve flat colors.

Yes, the X350 can print accurately on pre-cut labels without a border.

Print Durability

The inks are water-based pigment inks and offer particularly good resistance against water when used with appropriate substrates such as matte BOPP.

Prints are not UV proof, but pigment inks offer some resistance and prints can last a few months in sunlight.

It has not been tested yet. We expect it to pass.

Technical and Maintenance

The practical estimate is 80–100 liters under proper conditions (Memjet states 120 liters).

The printhead costs around $5,000 USD and has an 80-liter+ capacity, saving about $15,000 in printhead costs over the life of the X350 as compared to benchtop models.

Wiper module: 6,300 wipes

Print platen: > 1 million linear feet (depends on usage)

Spittoon pads: Depends on usage

Aerosol filter: 8 cartridges

Refer to the user manual. A maintenance table is attached in the appendix sheet.

Wiper module, AES nozzle, AES filter, printhead.

Technical support from Afinia is included, including remote support.

Software and RIP

The X350 does not have print drivers. It is a standalone printer that includes a touchscreen and computer.

No, the printer does not have a print driver. It works with included RIP software and UI.

Specs and Environment

The printer has a network connection and can be operated from a browser-based RIP, allowing job management from anywhere on the network.

Operating Temperature: 59–95 °F (15–35 °C)

Humidity: 35 to 80% RH

No special safety requirements. Easy to operate and does not require a skilled press operator.

The X350 ships in a single crate. Crate size: 123x83x185 cm (48.4×32.7×72.8 inches), weight: 480 kg (1058.2 lbs.).

Width: 28” (711mm)

Depth: 40” (1016mm)

Height: 63” (1600mm)

Variable, up to 29.5 in/sec (45 m/min).


The X350 does not apply lamination or cut labels from continuous rolls. Continuous material rolls can be finished offline using Afinia Label plotter, rotary die cut, or laser finishers, where shapes are cut, and lamination can also be added.

Minimal waste is necessary due to the simple and user-friendly paper path, but this depends on the specific setup and material.

Other Questions

MSDS is available. The inks are compliant with Nestlé Guidance and Swiss Ordinance and have passed food migration testing.

Yes, ink costs are displayed on the touchscreen.

Yes. This is best done using software such as Adobe InDesign, where multi-page PDF files can be created using variable text, images, and graphics such as barcodes.

Yes, the printer has a job library where print jobs can be organized.

Printer: 1-year warranty.

Printhead: 30 days after installation or 1 liter of inks, whichever comes first.

Inks: Warranty if <20% of the ink has been consumed.

Still have questions?

Please contact us at Afinia Label or your authorized dealer.