Bevorstehende Änderung: Neue Formel für Memjet Ink

June 1, 2024 — Due to recent supply chain challenges, Memjet will soon implement a new ink formula for our printers. This change is necessary to address the unavailability of certain dyes previously used in our inks, ensuring a continuous and reliable supply for all deployed Memjet printers.

ATTENTION: Current firmware is REQUIRED BEFORE INSTALLATION of the new ink cartridges. If you do not upgrade to the current firmware version, inks or printheads may become unusable and will not be covered under warranty.

Download Updates from our Support Section

Why is this change happening?

The switch to a new ink formula is essential to maintain a steady supply of ink amidst global supply issues. The new formula will allow us to continue delivering high-quality printing solutions without interruption.

What will customers notice?

The new ink formula closely matches the color gamut of the previous one, so most users will not notice any difference. Most customers can transition to the new inks without changing anything, as the new and old inks can be mixed without impacting print quality. However, some customers working with specific files might experience a slight color shift. This is expected to stabilize as all printers are updated with the new ink.

Support and Updates

To ensure a smooth transition, a firmware or driver update may be required for some printers. Please refer to the support pages for each printer model to download the latest updates:

Download Updates from our Support Section

  • L701 / L801 / iCube engine printers: Only a firmware update is required. Download here.
  • L901 / FP230 / CP950 / DLP engine printers: A firmware update is required and new driver will be available, which will contain new print profiles. The new driver will detect which inks are installed and display the appropriate profiles. Download here.

Where can customers find more information?

For more details on this transition, please refer to our FAQ section where we address common questions and provide clear instructions.

Memjet Ink Change FAQs

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please reach out to your dedicated Afinia sales representative or authorized dealer. We are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible for all our customers.

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